This is the start of my new home, I hope there will be more to see soon. Meanwhile, some information about myself:

I am a web developer living in Bristol, in the UK. I worked for myself for 5 years, building content-managed websites as well as working on PHP applications. Then I worked at a small web agency for three years. I am currently taking some time out of paid work to work on own and Codehub projects and learning new skills along the way. I will soon be looking for a job or contract work to start from January 2018!

With my friend Gicela, I have set up a Meetup group called CodeHub which is about learning web development, and we run a JavaScript study group as part of that. We organised some evening workshops, too, and that's something we are planning to start again from this autumn.

For three years, I ran a Code Club at my kids' school. The funnest part of that, both for the kids and myself, was when we used Python code to place blocks in Minecraft in order to emulate 3D Logo turtle movements. This was a project I created together with my friend Tom.

When I have enough of staring at a screen, I love to go running or play football.

If you want to contact me, drop me an email at or tweet me at @kdurrani.

Here's my Github account.

And here my rudimentary LinkedIn profile.

I also have a blog which is a mixture of a diary and a place to post about (mostly web-related) events.

Written in July 2016, small edit October 2018

drawing of me sitting under tree with a laptop